• Keep Pace With Australia's Decarbonisation Journey

    Australia aims to increase the share of low-carbon power generation by 2030 – with 82% to come from renewable energy, up from 27% today

Commercial solar solutions designed for business owners contributing to Australia's decarbonization efforts

It's not just affordable; it's zero upfront payment! If you're a business owner looking to pioneer in new energy, give our experts a call. We'll take care of everything — design, installation, and even assist your business in securing a new energy loan from financiers. Alternatively, you can opt for our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), where you pay us back monthly according to our agreed-upon terms. Join us in the journey towards a sustainable future

Solar is roof

  • Solar systems can directly serve as your roof, providing cost savings on traditional roofing materials;
  • Guaranteed 25-year warranty on the roof and solar performance;

Solar Carport

  • Transform your car park into an new energy car haven;
  • Empower your business and enhance convenience for your visitors;
  • Guaranteed 25-year warranty on the carport and solar performance
  • Elevate your business value and image.

Roof-mounted solar

  • Utilize your empty roof to join the Australian decarbonization journey—it's better than doing nothing
  • provide protection for your roof and lower temporature  ;
  •  create a cooler temperature for your workspace;
  • We guarantee coverage for any roof damage incurred.

Ground-Mounted solar

  • Fueled by Taiwan's Cutting-edge Technology;
  • Guaranteed Performance for 20 Years;
  • Off-grid installation is also suported;
  • Increase the value by adding a battery.

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