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    Experience the benefits of solar with zero upfront costs while making a significant contribution to decarbonization

PPA Program

          Solar PPA(Power Purchase Agreement) is a way of financing your solar energy use where a business only purchases the solar power that is being generated, By entering a Solar PPA, you will be having  the benefits of reduced energy cost for lower price than your main supplier, reduced carbon emission etc, without having to invest in the solar system’s installation and maintenance.

Solar PPA

        Are you a business owner in a commercial property, planning to stay for a decade or more? Our Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is the answer:
What is a Solar PPA?
       A Solar PPA lets you buy solar power at a lower rate than your current supplier, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. 
    • Cost Savings: Slash your energy bills without upfront solar system costs;
    • Eco-Friendly: Contribute to Australian Decarbonisation goals;
    • Easy Setup: We handle installation and maintenance;
    • Landlord-Friendly: Obtain landlord consent if you lease;
    • Long-Term Commitment: 10-year term, extendable;
    • Qualification: We assess your eligibility.
Request for PPA Agreement Information:
Before we proceed with the PPA agreement, we require:
    • Business Details: Tell us about your business.
    • 24-Month Energy Bills: Share your past year's energy bills.
    • Site Access Consent: Grant access for site inspection.


System Installation

Streamlined Solar System Installation for 30kW+ Systems

 Once you confirm the PPA agreement, we handle the entire installation process for your 30kW+ solar system:

    • Pre-Approval: We secure pre-approval from your grid supplier at zero upfront cost to you;
    • System Design: Our team designs the system, and you won't have to pay anything upfront;
    • Installation: We install the solar system on your property without any upfront charges;
    • Inspection: The Clean Energy Council inspects the system with no upfront fees;
    • Grid Connection: We connect your system to the grid supplier to start service.
Once your grid supplier approves the connection, we begin supplying your business with electricity:
    • Priority Solar Power: You automatically use electricity from our solar system first.
    • Main Supplier Backup: If solar power isn't sufficient, you'll seamlessly switch to your main supplier.
    • Metered Solar Usage: Electricity from our system is metered by our installed submeter.
    • Metered Main Supplier Usage: Electricity from your main supplier is metered by your existing meter.

Efficient Solar Energy Supply

Invoice and Payment Simplified

We send you a monthly invoice based on metered kWh and agreed-upon electricity rates in the PPA agreement. Please ensure prompt payment upon receipt.

        Our agreement consists of an initial 10-year term with the option for four additional 5-year terms. We can review and modify the agreement before each term begins. If we can't reach an agreement during the review, either party can terminate the agreement without a termination fee.

Furthermore, both parties retain the right to terminate the service at any time as per the signed agreement. Please contact our Sales Representative for details on termination.

Terms and Termination Made Easy

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