• Our products come with robust warranties

    Solar Panels: Up to 20-year warranty.
    Inverters: 10-year full warranty.
    Batteries: 10-year warranty.
    Invest in quality and reliability with our guaranteed products


Solar panels harness sunlight, converting it into electricity. Performance matters, but what truly counts is the warranty. Ours ensures 25 years of uninterrupted operation.

Taiwan government funded
The only Tier 1 Brand from Taiwan

Most reliable warranty

Original from Euro 

Manufactured in Singapore 

25-year full warranty

The world No'1 Solar brand

Most massive panel brand

Made in China

SOLAR Inverters

Inverters convert DC to AC, enabling your solar system to function. We provide a crucial 10-year full warranty for your peace of mind.


The world No.1 inverter brand

made in China,

10-year full warranty


Premium  brand in Australia

Made in EURO

10-year full warranty


Most cost-effective brand

Made in China

10-year full warranty


Our optional solar batteries come with a 10-year warranty, covering your investment. Customers often choose batteries to Store excess solar power for cloudy days, save money by charging during off-peak hours,ensure continuous power during grid outages.


Sumsung inside 

Made in China

10-year warranty

LG battery

Australia premium battery supplier
Made in Korea

10-year warranty

Alpha Batery

Battery&Inverter in one 

Made in China

10-year warranty

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